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paiN Gaming debut at LoL Worlds


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: brTTGames

After paiN Gaming suffered the second defeat at the League of Legends 2015 World Championships, Felipe BrTT Gonçalves conceded the difficulty of facing the main international teams. It is a very tense reality shock, said AD Carry.

That the games would not be easy, everyone knew, but in the face of how Father Gaming qualified for the World Championship, the Brazilian community was hopeful that Felipe BrTT Gonçalves and company would have a good campaign in the tournament. This is still possible because there are four games remaining to complete the Qualifying Round, but the defeats are a cold water shower in the initial excitement.

In their debut, the Brazilians lost to KOO Tigers, from South Korea, despite having a good start. Soon in the first fight, in an invasion of the opponents, the team managed to leave with a slight advantage when conquering two important killings on Solo Top Song Smeb Kyung-ho and AD Carry Kim PraY Jong-in.

However, KOO Tigers showed superiority and soon dominated the match, taking over the Brazilian jungle and punishing opponents for their mistakes. The game ended in 31 minutes. I think we did a good performance not feeling that we were able to execute what we had planned. Teams react much faster and they punish, they punish a lot, Kami said in an interview.

Against CLG, the opponents invasion was repeated, but this time the CLG got the better of the fight, even with First Blood to the Father. The Americans, champions of LCS North America Summer 2015, finished the duel in 30 minutes.

Watch the games:

World Championship 2015 - paiN Gaming vs KOO Tigers - Day 1 - Group A 

World Championship 2015 - CLG vs paiN Gaming - Day 2 - Group A