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Go4LoL Cup Brazil


Written by: Joás
Translated: Joás

After the great Brazilian Championship held in Brazil Game Show, along with the ESL Riot Games is pleased to announce one of the best leagues in the world, Go4LoL.
The series championship will feature a qualifying Go4LoL weekly, every Sunday, with an unlimited amount of participants and a final month that will feature the best teams in EIGHT months in order to crown the champion monthly.

EIGHT The top teams from each qualifying week will earn points for their placing in relation to the same. The first team will receive 100 points and R$ 500.00, second place 60 points, third place 40 points, 25 points and fourth-placed teams from 5th to 8th place will receive 10 points each.

At the end of the month EIGHT the best teams in the ranking points will participate in a monthly final, with a total of R$ 1,000.00. Altogether, there are four open tournaments per month, except for December 2012 and March 2013, which will be FIVE in each.


From day 04 of novembro/2012, every Sunday there will be a qualifier, and always after the last tournament of the month there will be a final monthly to define the champion of the month. A series of Go4LoL championships will run until April 2013.


The total prize money of SIX months of qualifiers will be R$ 19,000.00, see below for more information.

  Each Qualifier will have a prize pool ofR R$ 500.00  each;
  Each Monthly Final will have a prize pool of R$ 1,000.00 each;
  Qualifying will be 26, which will provide a total of R$ 13,000.00;
  Monthly Finals will be 06, which will give a total of R$ 6,000.00;
  The total prize money of up to Novembro/2012 Abril/2013 will be R$ 19,000.00.