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After two years, brTT announces farewell paiN


Written by: Joas
Translated: Joas

Two years. This was the time that Felipe brTT Goncalves, one of the oldest names in the national scenario of e-sports, where she has acted in Counter-Strike and Defense of the Ancients, advocated the division of the League of Legends paiN Gaming.

The farewell was given by the player himself in his fanpage. On behalf of your fans, brTT said he decided to leave the paiN, for failing to evolve with more staff, since their objectives are not consistent anymore. To brTT happiness of playing this amazing game is the chance to be able to compete as equals with the most renowned teams around the world and consecrate it a day as world champion to demystify the idea prevailing in our parents that League of Legends is not a sport. Given the desire to achieve your dreams and a project that is above feel satisfied in only part of a world championship, brTT takes a step forward in this new phase of his life in search of new challenges.