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A new team, a new Keyd!


Written by: Joas
Translated: Joas

The Keyd now reborn with a new identity , a new name , a new philosophy and new players . Keyd Stars ( Kstars ) as we will be called from now , stars in the plural , we shine together , side by side, with intensities that can differ depending on the situation, but that add up in the end for what really matters , the result of the whole team .

The Time

     The old rivalry between Loop and brTT , two leading marksman that Brazil had the ever growing rivalry between those who are considered the two strongest players mechanically in our country , which are Mylon and brTT the Stars starts Keyd unusual, joining rivals that represent what is best in botlane and toplane in Brazil , with Mylon returning to his former role which was considered by many world class , and a new botlane between two of the most experienced players botlane in our territory , a combination of marksman and support that few would be able to happen with Loop and brTT side by side. Apart of course from a player who is considered by us the greatest promise of the League in Brazil , Shini , as 6th player who will develop this role as never before seen or done in our country and show the real value of such a position .

     Few would be able to happen , repeat the phrase because it defines what we set on our team , joining three of the big stars of the Brazilian electronic sport and a great promise to two amazing additions that are South Koreans in SuNo Midlane Winged as jungler .

     Doing what many would say is impossible, we aim not only to conquer all the Brazilian territory , but to represent the true good of Brazil ( as an organization of Brazilian roots and whose pillars are Brazilian players ) , as our country deserves and how it is used other sports, outside of our territory in international championships .

     Therefore, in addition to bringing international experience to within our team we have within our planning training periods outside of Brazil , seeking greater evolution and adaptation , repeating a formula that has worked well in the Brazilian electronic sport .

     With the signings of foreign players , our greatest concern is that moment in adapting to a very different players in the country who are accustomed , far from their homes and their culture , is clear communication with the team with the language barrier created by the difference the languages ​​spoken by the players . All this was very well studied, Keyd has Korean roots and will look very closely adapting Suno Winged our country.

     Regarding communication, we have studied previous cases when both Brazilian and international teams adapted their way of communicating according to its new international additions . How exactly we do, what you can add is that our communication work in specific linguistic blocks ( 3 languages ​​) and a large block in English that will be the overall team communication in relation to decision making , revolutions , struggles , and shotcalling .

Line-Up :

Kstars Mylon - Top Laner
Kstars Winged - Jungler
Kstars SuNo - Mid Laner
Kstars brTT - AD Carry
Kstars Loop - Support
Kstars Shini - 6º Player

Renan Philip - Coach Keyd

Source: Keyd Stars