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Keyd Stars wins Selecter Cup


Written by: Joás
Translated: Joas

After two days of transmission, SelecterCup ends. Balanced in three games, Keyd Stars champion was consecrated on the CNB e- Sports in an event that brought together 110 teams . The team takes home 3,000 Dollars and all moral for a good start of the official season of Riot Games .

The Story of a Final

The CNB began the final stage managing small advantages over the team Keyd Stars. With the advantage of gold increasing by the minute, Keyd Stars was being suffocated inside your own base , losing goals over the game . The highlight of the first clash between the two teams took the Jungler of CNB , Revolta . Without granting any death, Revolt unbalanced clashes across the map from the beginning of the match , with his Elise .

The Brazilian powerhouse that has invested in weight in 2014 with the signings of Koreans to the positions of the Mid and Jungle , woke up for the second game. Despite a quiet game in its inception, Keyd Stars showed what really is determined to dominate the Brazilian scenario . Finished putting the team CNB on the wheel not only on Monday but in the third game .

Final rating:

1 - Keyd Stars - $ 3,000 

2 - CNB e- Sports Club - $2,000 

3 - KaBuM ! e- Sports - $1,000

4 - Leaf Village - $ 500

Review the games in brTTGames YouTube channel .

Link to the Games: See here.