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Keyd Stars wins unbeaten X5 Mega Arena


Written by: Joás
Translated: Joas

Unbeaten , the reformulated division Keyd Team winning another tournament ! A week after dominating the opening round of the Brazilian League - Champions Series , where he won all their matches, the reformulated division Keyd Team won another title , third since any changes were made .

With a spectacular campaign in the group stage , where they won all his opponents , and a landslide of about 3:0 KaBuM e- Sports in the grand final , the team led by Caio Almeida Loop lifted the trophy of the tournament League of Legends the X5 Mega Arena . Besides him , the team will take home an award of 3,500 reais while KaBuM got 2,500 dollars. The bronze medal went to the CNB e- Sports Club , who finished third in the group stage with three points , and ultimately the Gaming paiN not even won a game .

Final rating :

1st Keyd Stars - $ 1,750

2nd KaBuM ! e- Sports - $ 1,250

3rd CNB e- Sports - $ 1,000

4th paiN Gaming - $ 1,000

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