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KaBuM debunks Keyd Stars


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

In historical comparison, KABUM debunks Keyd

Main candidate for the Brazilian title, Keyd Stars, coming from four consecutive titles and three weeks of training in Europe, collapsed before a surprising opponent. The KABUM made history in Brazilian Regional Final League of Legends, on Sunday, winning brTT Felipe Gonçalves and company by 2-0 in the semifinal.

With the result, the team is qualified for the Grand Final of the competition, in Maracanãzinho, in Rio de Janeiro, where they will face the CNB e-Sports Club, who beat paiN Gaming.

While KABUM was viewed with suspicion because of the change that made with Gustavo Minerva Queiroz assuming the role of AD Carry, the Keyd was elated by the positive retrospect and hegemony that held since the beginning of the year when the Koreans An Suno Sun-ho and Park Tae Jin Winged joined the line-up of the team.

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