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KaBuM achievement Brazilian Regional Final


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

KABUM achievement Brazilian Regional Final

Before an audience of 8000 people in Maracanãzinho, in Rio de Janeiro, the KABUM kept the sequence of amazing performances and won the title of the Brazilian Regional Final of League of Legends. In the decision on Saturday, the team defeated the CNB e-Sports Club by 3-1 and was accredited to compete in the International Wildcard and may qualify for the World Championships.

With bold changes in the line-up a few days of Regional, the KABUM entered the competition under suspicion, but exceeded critical and proved that hit to put Gustavo Minerva Queiroz as AD Carry and Daniel dans Birth as Support.

The winning team was not an easy road. The difficulties began still in the Semifinal, when faced Keyd Stars, main contender for having Korean cyber-athletes.

Champion of the Brazilian Regional Final, the team will face the PEX, winner of the Latin American tournament in dis ... for a place at the World Championships. The confrontation between the two will be held during the finals of the LCS North America, from August 29 to September 1.

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