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Keyd Stars is champion of BGL


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

In his rookie Takeshi and Revolt, Keyd is champion of BGL.

It was easier than imagined. The Keyd Stars won and convinced to win the title of Brazil Gaming League (BGL) of League of Legends on Saturday (27) on the paiN Gaming during the X5 Mega Arena in São Paulo.

In reaching the decision, the Keyd defeated KABUM Black by 2-1 in the semifinal. Already paiN not taken doINTZ knowledge, winning by 2-0.

In the first match of the series md3, the Keyd, which debuted Murilo Takeshi Alves and Gabriel Revolt Henud in classroom competitions, showed tremendous superiority and dominated the action from the start. With an ace after 27 minutes, the staff took two towers and the mid inhibitor, paving the way to victory.

The second game started better for the paiN, especially for AD Carry Han Lactea Gihyun, which has made important kills. With a strong map view control, paiN kept mantagem even when he lost fights.

However, following the favorable teamfights to Keyd turned the course of the match. The team led by Caio Almeida Loop recovered from the poor start and closed the series 2 to 0. With the win, the team won the prize of $ 1500.

See the end of the game here.