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paiN Gaming wins International Challenge X5MA


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

paiN takes revenge of Keyd and wins International Challenge X5MA.

The paiN Gaming overcame discouragement with the defeat in BGL, fatigue after more than six hours of games and opponents of Keyd Stars to win the title of the International Challenge League of Legends of the Brazilian National Games (SBG). The event took place during the X5 Mega Arena in São Paulo, with the participation of four teams (two Brazilian and two foreign).
To reach the Grand Final, the paiN defeated Isurus Gaming, Argentina, for 2 to 0. But the Keyd won the European team Gamer 2, the Spanish star Carlos Rodriguez Ocelot.
The confrontation between Keyd and paiN, end of the reissue of Brazil Gaming League (BGL), held the day before, attracted the attention of thousands of spectators on Sunday (28). However, the advanced time the series ended - after midnight - hurt the show. Who remained in the Immigrants Exhibition Centre or was connected to the stream to the end could watch a tense, tough and exciting race.
After the International CrossFire Challenge (held in md5), a showmatch of Smite and a match between INTZ Gamers and 2, the cyber-athletes Keyd and paiN took the stage for the most anticipated clash of the day. The clock was after 18 hours, more than 1 hour after the initiation of planned for comparison.

See the end game here.