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Keyd Stars takes title at Comic Con Experience


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

On the 2nd day of CCXP, INTZ threat, but loses title for the Keyd

The decisive clash between Keyd Stars and INTZ began, using the title of the competition. The finalists have adopted very cautious at the beginning of the first game, which made the two teams exchanged goals rather than face the map.

With a well-executed poke strategy, INTZ could sketch advantage to ensure the first two dragons departure. While the INTZ controlled the goals and made good speed, Keyd fared better in the fights. It was from this superiority in teamfights the team Murilo Alves Takeshi built the positive result, opening 1-0 in the series.

The next match, did not miss action from the first minutes. Although the teams acquire significant gold advantage, INTZ returned ready to start the draw to bring an extremely aggressive composition, with Yorick, Lucian and Le Blanc.

Controlling all the dragons and leading the number of slaughtered towers, the INTZ struggled to close the match, even with the baron buff, but managed to win and a draw in the clash at 1-1.

In the third and decisive match, the Keyd Stars bet on a composition for protecting the KogMaw AD Carry brTT Felipe Gonçalves, with the help of poke with Takeshi Jayce. With Xerath and Kayle, the INTZ also had its share of poke and protection.

The screen was to be expected a slow game start, but not to the point of the first elimination happen only after 21 minutes, after much study. The Keyd knew resist INTZ attacks and began building important advantage.

Despite the superiority of Keyd, the result took to exit. Only after three down barons is that the team led by Caio Almeida Loop finally overthrew the Nexus opponent, with more than 50 minutes. We knew it was all a matter of waiting. Our composition was fully assembled for the late game, commented Loop.

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