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The ax is back: brTT in paiN


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

When Draven throws his ultimate, axes leave burning the ground and cause damage not only in the way, but also in the back. As brTT Felipe Gonçalves, the shooter that shook the competitive landscape out of the paiN in 2014 and now returns making the same noise as before.

The star is back to his father after 11 months. He, who excelled in the team and even won the Brazilian Championship 2013, had left the line-up in February last year to pursue other opportunities.

BRTT not shy away from controversial issues or clashes. It is as if he juggle them, sometimes even in the mood of the play and personal attacks to disarm the haters. As if to balance four axes Draven while choosing how and when to attack. It maintains constant contact with their fans, focuses its attention on the affection that the fans transmits and shows a presence of inspiring spirit to the fans.

The main motivation of an athlete are the fans. It is learned that are vibrating with you, laughing with you or crying with you, says the shooter paiN. Haters always there, out of paiN and Keyd I earned some more ... But what counts for me is to read fans of both paiN as those of Keyd thanking me for what I did for each team and wishing me good luck in whatever I do. I will continue giving my best to meet them both in the game as as person.

Receive the proposal made my heart skip paiN, was thrilled that truth with the possibility of returning home.

See the ax running in the first stream marking the return to paiN here.