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Riot honors brTT - Respect


Written by: brTTGames
Translated: Joás

Character League of Legends will have staff of professional players.

The character League of Legends, Twitch, have staffs of two professional players, after the visual redesign of the planned champion for 2014. The staves are present in American and Brazilian versions of the game.

In the Portuguese version, the famous catchphrase Rexpeita the mouse of current charger of Keyd Stars, Felipe brTT Gonçalves, will be part of champion lines. Last year, brTT innovated within the competitive landscape to bring Twitch for championship matches for high performance. I felt proud of myself. It is as if I had done to deserve it, like I was on the right track, said Felipe brTT in an interview with the CNB e-Sports Club.

 In the American version, famously Raise your dongers boot of Dignitas, Michael Imaqtpie Santana. The phrase became a rallying cry for people who follow the streams of the pro-player.

 According to Riot Games, when there is still no plan to include other catchphrases in-game, but it is possible to happen, since the novelty was designed more for the sense of the phrase, than by the player. The important thing is to be a reference that makes sense, what clearly happened in this case, says the company.

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