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paiN Gaming debut at LoL Worlds


After paiN Gaming suffered the second defeat at the League of Legends 2015 World Championships, Felipe BrTT Goncalves conceded the difficulty of facin

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paiN Gaming estréia no Mundial de LoL

paiN Gaming wins Intenacional wildcard


The paiN players were not intimidated by the 10,000 Chilean fans in the gym Movistar Arena in Santiago, and were dominant in the three matches ...

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paiN Gaming rumo ao Mundial

paiN Gaming wins CBLOL 2015


The paiN Gaming team confirmed the good phase in 2015 and won the Brazilian Circuit of League of Legends 2015, CBLoL.

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paiN Gaming vence CBLOL 2015

INTZ wins CBLoL 2015 1st Split


Held in Florianopolis Convention Center, the decision had three of the five possible matches. Dominant, the INTZ gave no chances to the opponents and,

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INTZ conquista 1º Split do CBLoL 2015

The ax is back: brTT in paiN


When Draven throws his ultimate, axes leave burning the ground and cause damage not only in the way, but also in the back. As brTT ...

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O machado está de volta: brTT na paiN

Keyd Stars takes title at Comic Con Experience


The decisive clash between Keyd Stars and INTZ began, using the title of the competition. The finalists have adopted very cautious at the beginning of

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Keyd Stars leva título na Comic Con Experience

paiN Gaming wins International Challenge X5MA


The paiN Gaming overcame discouragement with the defeat in BGL, fatigue after more than six hours of games and opponents of Keyd Stars to

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paiN vence Desafio Internacional da X5MA

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