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paiN Gaming does not proceed to next phase


Team paiN Gaming is in 6th in Group A and will not advance to the playoffs. Despite being last in its group, the Brazilian team ...

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paiN Gaming não avança para próxima fase

Pain rated for the IEM WC Finals


The League of Legends groups for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship have been drawn. In Group A the final of Katowice will take place ...

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paiN classificada para final mundial da IEM

paiN.Razer classified for IEM-SP


With great style paiN.Razer team wins marathon 15 maps with only 1 loss. In three days of competition online, starting with the final phase of ...

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paiN.Razer classificada para IEM-SP

paiN wins Go4LoL BR#5


The paiN.Razer keep his unbeaten record in Go4LoL BR demonstrating its widespread favoritism in online tournaments in Brazil. Besides winning three st

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paiN vence Go4LoL BR#5

paiN wins Go4LoL - final month (Nov)


The paiN.Razer showed his favoritism winning the team get over it in the final monthly Go4LoL Brazil. With a flawless campaign, winning the first two ...

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paiN vence Go4LoL - final mensal (Nov)

paiN is in 2nd place and takes R$ 2.500,00


vTi Nox break the invincibility of Pain, since BRTT & Co. had not lost since its last game by CBR LoL.

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paiN fica na 2ª colocação e leva R$ 2.500,00

Go4LoL BR #2 - paiN.Razer wins again


Besides the bill Go4LoL # 1 team of pain was not satisfied and also won the Go4LoL # 2, with that, the team is mathematically ...

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Go4LoL BR #2 - paiN.Razer vence novamente

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