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paiN announces new sponsor Razer !


Razer will provide equipment to the teams pain Those who followed William "gORDOx" Lemos "invading" the Razer Brazil, might already have some idea th

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paiN fecha com a Razer!

The new era of Absolute Legends


Just over a week ago Absolute Legends decided to release their League of Legends team but now they-ve come up with something new.

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Uma nova era de Absolute Legends

Mellisan departs Fnatic


Today Mellisan steps down from the Fnatic League of Legends squad. It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Peter -Mellisan- ...

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Fnatic sofre mais uma perda

Mousesports presents their official LoL-Team


A couple of minutes ago, mousesports has presented the roster for their new upcoming LoL-Team. The lineup consists of 5 of the best players in ...

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Mouz anuncia sua line-up oficial

AL dismisses european team


and temporarily closes its main LoL division. Four days after losing Piotr -Kikis- Prokop to the Gamehoppers, AbsoluteLegends published yesterday,

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AL dispensa equipe europeia

painN.LoL wins Rio E-sports League of Legends


It happened on Sunday the finals of the tournament Rio E-Sports Cup, held since Saturday and relying on an award of $ 500.00. The team ...

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paiN.LoL conquista Rio E-sports League of L

xHazzard becomes MonoManiac


xHazzard becomes MonoManiac MonoManiac eSports change three of the players in their line-up and one of the new members is xHazzard, who recently came

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MonoManiac com xHazzard e 2 novos jogadores

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